Making a difference…

Making a difference…

My role is not really about direct power, it’s about how I, and my office, can influence and set the agenda.

The last decade has been tough on the police, as it has been for many areas of society.  However, I do believe there is light around the corner. It will take time but things WILL get better.

Policing has changed a lot since 2010 but its core mission remains the same: to protect life and property.

During the time of austerity, when the police became the first not the last port of call, the focus had to be on vulnerability.  The extra demand for officers meant traditional crime ended up taking a back seat. That now has to change.

My refreshed Police and Crime plan is about setting the vision for the next few years. I believe since 2012 I, and my team, have established good foundations for this change which mean we can now build on this as funding has been increased.

You have told me that every crime must matter.  That your local police force needs to tackle crimes like burglary and anti social behaviour. Since the refresh last summer, the force is refocussing its efforts.  I know this will take time but when I see tweets like the one sent today (see below), it makes me happy.  Happy in the knowledge that I am doing my bit to make sure you get the service you deserve.

 Simply put, every crime matters because every victim matters.

Martin Surl