COVID19: Hold your nerve!

COVID19: Hold your nerve!

Today things change in Gloucestershire. COVID-19 restrictions have eased, but that does not mean we should be complacent about this virus, which has taken the lives of so many.

It is still here, this crisis is not over and we all have a part to play in helping to slow the spread of the virus.


I understand that staying at home where possible and limiting contact with family and friends can be difficult and painful, but I urge you to hold your nerve.

The rules and guidelines set by Government only work when combined with the responsible actions of the public.


While many will be elated at the prospect of more time spent outdoors, I would like people in Gloucestershire to consider vulnerable people who are still shielding; and older or lonely family members who may still need additional support.

We must ensure that no one is overlooked.

Today’s new guidance means that those breaching lockdown rules will now be fined £100, instead of £60, however I am in regular contact with the Chief Constable of Gloucestershire Constabulary to ensure that the Force’s policing style remains as it was in the early stages of lockdown, following the four-E’s: engage, explain, encourage, and as a last resort, enforce.




Martin Surl