Innovative model could be replicated across the county.

Innovative model could be replicated across the county.

Today I spent some time with our City Protection Officers to discuss their role and the success that’s been seen since they we’re introduced in 2017.
The CPOs working under the Gloucester City Safe badge act as a security blanket for the city, providing a highly-visible uniformed presence that are contributing  to improving community safety for businesses, their staff, customers, residents, and visitors to the city.

Working in partnership

The City Protection Officers are funded through a partnership between my office, Gloucester City Council and local businesses (BID).
The CPOs are proving so popular and successful we are looking at how the model can be extended across the county to other areas.

My promise

If re-elected next month for a third term i remained committed to funding the Gloucester CPOs as well as working with other councils to see if this model can be replicated elsewhere.

Praise from across the political divide

Martin Surl