Green agenda

Actions talk louder than words

I’m committed to protecting our environment, I made a “Green & pleasant” county a commitment and part of my Police & Crime plan for me you have to do more than just profess to be “environmentally friendly”.

We’re now leading the way with the highest percentage of force vehicles which are electric, with 21 % of the total fleet. We’ve invested in the infrastructure too and I recently did a deal to make it easy for our officers and staff to go out of county on longer trips and still be able to use our EV cars.

Our police force is the only service in the UK to hold ISO 14001 Environmental Standard 2015 certification as a result of our environmental management work and we’re determined to do more.

But there is more

We have a Carbon Management Plan and that has seen us reduce our CO2 by 27% reduction. 

I want us to be Carbon neutral as soon as economically viable  – with the aim by 2035

We’ve Installed solar panels on our buildings and invested in LED sensor lighting at police stations

We’re also developing a plan to use less paper in the Constabulary and OPCC

As the 5th largest employer in Gloucestershire our police force should set an example, this is something I am leading on locally as well as nationally in my role as the Vice Chair of the Association of Police & Crime Commissioners:

In February 2020, the Fully Charged Youtube programme came to Police HQ to see for themselves our commitment to the Green & Pleasant county agenda, the result can be watched below: