My next police and crime plan when re-elected will build on the strong foundations that have been built since 2012.

These are the foundations on which I strongly believe are right for the county and our police force.

But my focus now austerity has eased is on …
Growing the frontline, from new police officers & staff to partnership working to address the growing demands

Every crime matters, for too long our police have not had the resources they need.

Every Victim matters, because behind every crime number there is a person who needs help and support.

Green & Pleasant county, we cannot isolate ourselves from the reality of climate change and we must play our part and lead.

Burglary, is a heinous crime that hasn’t had the attention that you or I reasonably expect, and this is now changing.

Fraud, a national scandal, ignored for far too long and barely features in crime rates, but I know it matters to you.

The Strong Foundations we’ve built:

  • A force that is accessible and accountable to you the public.
  • A county that cares for our young people and understands the difficulties of transition from youth to adulthood.
  • A constabulary that understands as we grow older we become more vulnerable.
  • A police service that works with everyone to make sure we can live our day and nights in the county feeling safe.
  • A county that works tirelessly to make our roads safer and more social places .
  • An organisation that understands the changing world and the benefits and threats from the cyber world.
  • As the 5th biggest employer in the county the police must lead and not just comply in ensuring our county remains a green and pleasant county.
  • A county that values its animals and respects its wildlife and the part they play in our lives.