For me being Commissioner is a real honour.

But I believe if you say you’ll do something, you do it or at least you find an alternative.

Far too often politicians don’t stick to their word… I do, I am true to my word.

In two elections now I’ve stood with fully worked out manifestos, my promises have then be turned into my priorities through the Police and Crime Plan.

I’m proud of what we’ve achieved since 2012.

I’ve not done it alone, through listening to the public I’ve been able to influence and shape the police force to make it more connected to the communities it serves.

Here are just some of the things we’ve achieved:

  Re-introduced neighbourhood police (against the national trend).

✓  Gone from 13th safest place to live to 5th in the country.

✓  Started to grow the frontline before Government money arrived – 74 new officers recruited in 2019. ( as well as 37 staff).

  Saved millions through a structured approach to police estates.

✓  Brought in community alerts to enable the police and the public to communicate.

  Throughout austerity the force always rated as Good for managing its finances.

✓  Invested in electric vehicles & infrastructure – biggest % of EVs than any other police force in UK.

✓  Success in getting Government to recognise rural & acquisitive crime as a priority for the National Crime Agency.

Supported over 470 community crime prevention and early intervention schemes.

Championed the “child friendly Gloucestershire” approach being led by Dame Janet Trotter with £100k of funding.

  The Commissioning of a specific anti social behaviour hotline.

  First PCC in the country to make safer cyber a priority and now business as usual.

  Stopped closures of further police stations planned under former police authority.

  Re-opened Lydney police station.

✓  Championed and invested in the Special Constabulary with specialist equipment.

  One of the biggest PCC backers in female victim services such as GRASAC.

  Brought back local oversight and invested in our Roads, Dogs as & Firearms policing capabilities.

✓   Bought and refurbished a new training facility for the force.

✓  Supporting anti social behaviour schemes with over £2m worth of funding for such schemes as project Solace.

✓  Embedded a restorative approach in police practices .. leading to better outcomes. Eg Children’s First 13 % reoffending rate compared to 50 % by company given the job by government.

✓  Supported dozens of towns and villages in making their roads safer through ANPR & vehicle activated signs.

✓  The only PCC in the country to commission specialised services for male and child victims of sexual violence.

✓  Worked with Gloucester City Council and local businesses to bring in the City Protection Officers.

✓  Championed the establishment of a Sexual violence partnership.

✓  Committed the Constabulary to be green & environmentally focussed – only force with the ISO140001 accreditation.

✓  Invested in a public health approach to tackling violent crime.

✓  Funded electric cycles for some of our neighbourhood teams.

✓  Championed the employment of people with disabilities within the constabulary.

✓  Biggest PCC backer of Neighbourhood Watch in the South West.

✓  Doubled the size of the speed camera enforcement team.

✓  Helped fund the launch of the Treasure Seeker’s Cavern and supported the Treasure Seeker cadet programme.

✓  Introduced a “parking buddies” scheme trial to make it safer for our children outside their schools.

✓  Funded dozens of youth projects with partners aimed at giving young people a place to go – reducing ASB in some areas. Eg Coney Hill by 28 %.

✓  Commissioned specific victims services for young people.

✓  Re-introduced school beat officers as part of the revamped neighbourhood approach.

✓  Invested in the development of the forces approach to dealing with fraud & internet scams through the creation of an economic crime unit.

✓  Introduced mobile working so officers could spend more time out and about.

✓  Championed the use of “live links” which gives witnesses, who are either vulnerable or young, the ability to testify in court without needing to be there.

✓ Supported the Keep Safe scheme which supports some of the most vulnerable in the county.